We Made it: Our new beginning on the Emerald Coast!

Donny & Kids Grayton Beach 30A



Its been a while! Lets catch up.

A few months ago the last you heard about was us getting our business up & going with the dream of relocating to the sea. Well, guess what.. WE DID IT! (We actually… did it.)  We decided to sell most of our bigger ticket belongings, donate the rest and pack what was left of our life into countless boxes to hit the road to our favorite place. The gulf coast of Florida on the 30A panhandle. Donny had made the long (long, long, LONG… lol) drive first with our dog Bella, a moving truck and his best friend. Myself and our kids flew to meet him 5 days later. And it was a BIG reunion.

Destin Florida Jetties at Sunset


If it can happen, it will…

We have been officially Floridians since October. With in our first 2 weeks we had been baptized by fire through car trouble, horrible red tide and then Hurricane Michael which was a catastrophic CAT4. We were spared – unfortunately our neighbors to the east were not. I am extremely proud to be apart of  a community who without hesitation helps their neighbor in the darkest of hours. Despite all of these immediate hardships we pushed through and are now sitting at present day. The time between has been filled with nightly exploring, photography, documenting our journey, chasing sunsets, going to the beach, spending time with friends, experiencing our first holidays alone and putting our heart and soul into our business, Preston Belle Designs.


The future of Preston Belle Designs

We have met incredible people! I cannot tell you how wonderful it has been to network, reach out and build partnerships with other artisans and jewelry shops here along the gulf coast. The people we have met are the nicest and most kind, caring and like minded individuals. Especially in our industry! The future of Preston Belle Designs relies on the business partnerships we have established in jewelry repair (and will continue to establish) and also in Donny’s very unique and one of a kind artistry of hand engravings and jewelry making! I have to say the future is looking bright! This is why we came here. To be among those who are just like us. The dreamers, the doers, the entrepreneurs,the risk takers, the artisans, the photographers, the writers and the creative souls who are the heart beat of the Emerald Coast. We are both very much looking forward to the future!


If you have any questions about our experience thus far don’t forget to reach out and give a shout!

With Love,