The Good, the Bad & All of the Struggles in Between: A Recap of the last three Months

Donny Jenkins: Professional Bench Jeweler, Craftsman & Artisan

The last time you may have read our blog we had just came back from our first family trip to Gatlinburg TN! Since our return it has been nothing short of strictly business. When you decide to leave the corporate world of the 9-7 grind to pursue your own ambitions, dreams, goals and business ideas you are in a euphoric state of endless hopes and possibilities. Eventually — the very real hardness of what it is that you set out to do and accomplish becomes more like climbing a freezing mountain and less like an easy target. You enter a world of the good, the bad and all the struggles in between. You wake up every day and you trek that mountain. You brave the storms, the falling rocks and the exhaustion of fighting like hell to make all of your hard work come into fruition. Its a journey only a select few can understand. I really admire those who have climbed this Everest before us. Because with out you – my fellow entrepreneurs, dreamers and visionaries, this path would seem utterly impossible.

The Good: Over the past few months we have had the ability to connect with some really amazing customers and incredibly helpful & kind like minded people in the jewelry biz. Friends of ours have also helped to spread the “word” and send business our way (Thank you!)  And if it wasnt for the support of each other – pushing one another to give our all every single day and show up to pour our hearts into this business – I’m not really sure what.. Its no secret that we are beach people and have the dream and relentless drive to move our family to the sea. Two of the connections we have built over these past three months have been in the location we are going towards in the Gulf of Mexico along the beautiful Emerald Coast. We are people of faith and truly believe that those placed in our lives are not always just by a friendly coincidence – but rather for a very real purpose along our journey by the Man upstairs. OR… It really IS a coincidence and a hell of a good one! Either way, we feel so happy and blessed to have connected. With Donny as long time professional bench jeweler and artisan it is our goal to build lasting relationships to be able to serve other businesses through design and repair and people in our communities to the best of our ability. Jewelery after all – is not just a noun. It is a feeling, an emotion and a memory to cherish forever.

The Bad & All the Struggles In Between: Man. Oh man, the bad. “Sure! We are totally fine!” The lie we so easily catch ourselves saying to those around us more often then not. Or – perhaps its not a lie afterall and it’s our own way for us to cope through all of the financial strain, stress, pressures, fear and unexpected speed bumps along the way. No one said climbing this metaphorical entrepreneur mountain was going to be easy. We just have faith that when we reach a higher altitude, breathe that air and look down at how far we have fought to come it will be worth it. For Donny. For me. For our two children. For us all. It is hard to go from working a day job and still financially struggling ( you know.. making barely enough to survive yet too much to get help. The boat so many of us have been in or are currently living now) to still struggling but in more ways then before with even more on our plates. It takes a lot of grit, hustle, hope, faith and the DESIRE for more to survive this. And I know we will! You see – People like to mask the hard shit. The struggle. The ‘behind the scenes’ of a high light reel. You don’t often see the blood, the sweat and the tears. The sleepless nights full of worry or the bandaged hands behind the fight. It’s important to us to be raw and honest with you about our journey. From the beginning to the end. The good, the bad and all the struggles in between. And one day the view from the top of that mountain, our Everest.



We have two of the best reasons in the world to never give up. And why you never will see us do so! Life is short. We have experienced many hardships together. And every day together is something that we are so grateful for. Then, now and always.

If you have made it this far reading our blog and have any questions please dont hesitate to ask!

With Love,

Ashley @PBD

How I edit my photos & plan my feed for Instagram! (PLUS the tips & tricks you’re dying to know)

So.. I bet you’re scrolling through the Gram’ stumbling across pictures on social media feeds that make you think, “HOW DID THEY DO THAT!?” Well my friends, if this is you, then you are in good company because that was me too!  I still get super inspired when I feel that same way. I have learned so much from other bloggers, you tubers and IGer’s (Is that even a thing? lol) that has helped me find my style and learn how to plan a cohesive feed of my own. Everyone’s editing style is different, unique and there is no wrong or right way to do it. It is a process that is all to personal taste. I am in NO way an expert. I’m just a gal who loves photography, creating and editing who wants to pay it forward! Through this blog I am simply sharing what works for me. I love to read editing blogs and I find them so helpful and interesting! So, I thought maybe some of you would, too! Lets get into How I edit my photos & plan my feed for Instagram! PLUS the tips and tricks you’re dying to know.


We can’t begin without the basics. The equipment that I use is either my DSLR Canon Camera or my iPhone 8 Plus. Most of the time for Instagram im using my iPhone. To me there is something so personal about “in the moment shots” that only a mobile can produce. I love being able to quickly give an insight into my life and have an almost instant sharing ability that is very convenient and portable. (Note that for my professional photography services ALL imagery is taken with my DSLR and edited in Adobe LightRoom. But this post is about the Gram’ – So back to it!)

APPS That I Use 

Facetune 2, VSCO, Snapseed, Planoly, UNUM, Adobe Lightroom Mobile

The main two apps that I solely use for editing my pictures is Facetune 2 for whitening + the detail tool and VSCO. I do keep Snapseed and Lightroom around for very specific editing needs such as de-saturating a small area or removing unflattering yellow lighting which I’ll go into later with examples of both!

1.The very first step of my editing process is looking at my image and deciding If I need to bring it into Facetune 2. If there is anything that needs brightened up such as white dinner plates, mugs, table cloths or even concrete I may do that then select the detail tool to bring out my desired areas of focus. I like Facetune 2 vs Facetune Classic because of the ability to have intensity sliders with what you are doing.

2. My second step is adding my filter! And the MAIN thing people seem to want to know the most is what filters I use and which are my favorite! I have tried so many different ones from other apps – but I am a VSCO filter lover, hands down. They are pleasing to my eye and range from subtle film like tones to those that are vibrant or clean. My personal favorites are 05, A6, (All of the A series is wonderful), M5 and HB1. I use some that are free and the rest I did purchase. I always begin my editing process filter first. Again this is just personal preference. When you open your VSCO interface – this is what it will look like!

VSCO with my Favorite Filters

3. The next step in my editing process always begins with a crop at a 4×5. This is the MAX size that Instagram will allow and takes up the most space, which is good! Most images will automatically go to IG in a 1×1 format. Once I choose my filter that I think looks the best I will adjust my exposure, Contrast, Straighten my image, sharpen, temp etc until it is pleasing to my eye. Lately I have been adding a touch of grain at a +2 to +7 to give it a more authentic film look since VSCO filters and presets are based off of classic film tones.  Here are a few examples of a before and after!


4. My next step after editing my images to my liking is pulling up my UN UM app! This app is the bees knees because it allows you to add, place and move all of your photos around so you can see visually what your feed will look like before ever posting it! This app also helps to keep track of what content you are putting out. For example making sure you don’t have two side by sides of the same thing in your Instagram Grid. Think of your Instagram as your own mobile magazine. I used to use Planoly as well – but I only use this app to store my preset hashtag lists or to auto schedule if its a business post!

5. POST IT FOR THE PEEPS! This is literally all I do for my editing process. Now lets see some examples of tips and tricks with the whitening tool, what selective de-saturation looks like, and some food and product photography tips!

Facetune 2 Whitening & Detail Before and After

BEFORE (I chose this photo due to all of the white in the image AND its our favorite restaurant in Destin Florida!)
AFTER (Dont go over board here with the whitening tool. A little goes a long way. Remember the key is to look natural not like you over edited it! 😉

Facetune 2 OR Snapseed for Selective De-saturation of colors or distracting objects

BEFORE. Notice the unflattering Yellow lighting
AFTER. Notice the desaturation of yellow lighting.

Food and Product Photography tips!

Ever wonder how food and product shots are taken? STAGING! It’s all about the natural light baby and details. Let’s hear it again in the cheap seats: NATURAL LIGHTING AND DETAILS. One of my big photography passions is food and product shots for Preston Belle Designs! For me each shot begins with the setting and adding in a scene that draws your audience’s attention to your image. I set up a mock table with props! Great props to use are old sheet pans, cutting boards, measuring spoons, wood boards, paper, cooking utensils etc. Really this is limitless and you can use ANYTHING that you want to set up your ideal scene. I love a good coffee pour myself! For food photography I use my DSLR quite often and I also use my phone for these from time to time. Make sure to move near bright windows or natural light and try to avoid direct harsh sunlight. Setting up foam boards as a light reflector can do wonders! For smaller product shots a black box or white box works wonderfully and tones down unwanted highlights which make editing much easier!

Staged Food Scene by my window with natural light with wood planks as a mock table, fresh beets I purchased for this shot, a left over pumpkin from Halloween, Bread from our counter and my husband Donnys  homemade cider! Shot with Canon 50mm 1.8 and edited in Adobe Lightroom
Staged Food Scene by my window with natural light. Wood planks used as mock rustic table, and items from home. Shot with Iphone 8 Plus and edited in VSCO.
Staged Food Scene by my window with natural light. Old baking sheet made the perfect backdrop for this avocado. I used chives from my herb garden for subtle details. Shot with Canon 50mm 1.8. Edited in Adobe Lightroom
Another Product Shot For Preston Belle Designs! This was a staged scene shot with my Canon 50 mm 1.8 but edited in VSCO mobile and the other editing steps I listed above! Wood planks as mock table with props next to my window with natural light.


Apps Used: Facetune 2 (paid), VSCO (Free w/ paid filters), Snapseed (Free), UNUM (free)

Steps Used: Facetune 2, VSCO, UNUM (if needed to look at feed) then POST.

Tricks: Whitening tool in Facetune 2. Remove yellow lighting with selective tool in snapseed or brush tool in snapseed OR with the black and White tool in Facetune 2. Details tool in Facetune 2 if you want to add to a specific area.

Favorite Filters: A series, 05, Hb1 and M5

I hope you found this blog insightful and helpful for you! I enjoyed making this and if you have any questions please feel free to ask! I am happy to help!

With love,

Ashley @PBD

We’re Open! So, now what?

“Sometimes there is no next time, no second chance, no time out. Sometimes it is now or never.”

We’re Open! So now what?…

The future of Preston Belle for us holds many things. From wax carvings, castings, metal work, Jewelry design, collaborations and stone cutting  – all the way to family travel – we are ready for whatever comes our way. Being a new up and coming business based out of Dayton, Ohio we are humbled to be surrounded by so many talented artists, shops and this booming – creative – mind – culture. A place where there is room for us all to create and celebrate each others artistry and abilities.

When you set your “We’re Open!” sign up you have NO idea what will actually happen. You just work like hell and hope for the best. Sounds scary, doesn’t it? That’s because it IS my friends, it is. You roll the dice and risk it all to run down and chase the dream. Your dream. There’s never going to be a right time. The time is now. “Sometimes there is no next time, no second chance, no time out. Sometimes it is now or never.”

Up in the shop currently we have several 925 pieces that will be showcased over the next few weeks. We are already planning our next additions and I see some really gorgeous stones in our near future. Here are a few of our items! Each piece is and will always be hand made and crafted with care… and badassery.

Sterling Silver Octopus Ring
Sterling Silver Buffalo Nickel Coin Ring
1 toz Sterling Silver Skull Ring
Sterling Silver Scroll & Skull Ring

If you want to know more about the creating process let us know!

With Love,

Ashley @ PBD