Is this thing on? *Tap Tap

Hand engraved Skull Art Hobo Nickel by Donny Jenkins @ Preston Belle Designs



Hello there, I’m Donny Jenkins; Metalsmith, jewelry designer, custom engraving artist, husband, dad and owner of Preston Belle Designs.  This is my very first blog. Is this thing on? *Tap Tap. I was a bench jeweler & gold smith for 17 years working in the corporate box until November 17th, 2017. I made the decision with the support of my wife to leave the 9-7 grind to build my own business and life by design. I knew as an artist this was the direction I wanted to go in so I could creatively expand and produce one of a kind handcrafted pieces. Collectively as a family we knew we wanted to travel, live a fuller life together, construct our own vision and no longer be tied down to building someone else’s dreams – but rather put in the work to build our own.

My studio is home based where I create through castings, hand engraving, metal art, and jewelry making. I’m looking forward to sharing with you about my engravings, my jewelry pieces, castings and about our life in this new adventure and where it takes us!  Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my blog!