We Made it: Our new beginning on the Emerald Coast!

Donny & Kids Grayton Beach 30A



Its been a while! Lets catch up.

A few months ago the last you heard about was us getting our business up & going with the dream of relocating to the sea. Well, guess what.. WE DID IT! (We actually… did it.)  We decided to sell most of our bigger ticket belongings, donate the rest and pack what was left of our life into countless boxes to hit the road to our favorite place. The gulf coast of Florida on the 30A panhandle. Donny had made the long (long, long, LONG… lol) drive first with our dog Bella, a moving truck and his best friend. Myself and our kids flew to meet him 5 days later. And it was a BIG reunion.

Destin Florida Jetties at Sunset


If it can happen, it will…

We have been officially Floridians since October. With in our first 2 weeks we had been baptized by fire through car trouble, horrible red tide and then Hurricane Michael which was a catastrophic CAT4. We were spared – unfortunately our neighbors to the east were not. I am extremely proud to be apart of  a community who without hesitation helps their neighbor in the darkest of hours. Despite all of these immediate hardships we pushed through and are now sitting at present day. The time between has been filled with nightly exploring, photography, documenting our journey, chasing sunsets, going to the beach, spending time with friends, experiencing our first holidays alone and putting our heart and soul into our business, Preston Belle Designs.


The future of Preston Belle Designs

We have met incredible people! I cannot tell you how wonderful it has been to network, reach out and build partnerships with other artisans and jewelry shops here along the gulf coast. The people we have met are the nicest and most kind, caring and like minded individuals. Especially in our industry! The future of Preston Belle Designs relies on the business partnerships we have established in jewelry repair (and will continue to establish) and also in Donny’s very unique and one of a kind artistry of hand engravings and jewelry making! I have to say the future is looking bright! This is why we came here. To be among those who are just like us. The dreamers, the doers, the entrepreneurs,the risk takers, the artisans, the photographers, the writers and the creative souls who are the heart beat of the Emerald Coast. We are both very much looking forward to the future!


If you have any questions about our experience thus far don’t forget to reach out and give a shout!

With Love,




We’re Open! So, now what?

“Sometimes there is no next time, no second chance, no time out. Sometimes it is now or never.”

We’re Open! So now what?…

The future of Preston Belle for us holds many things. From wax carvings, castings, metal work, Jewelry design, collaborations and stone cutting  – all the way to family travel – we are ready for whatever comes our way. Being a new up and coming business based out of Dayton, Ohio we are humbled to be surrounded by so many talented artists, shops and this booming – creative – mind – culture. A place where there is room for us all to create and celebrate each others artistry and abilities.

When you set your “We’re Open!” sign up you have NO idea what will actually happen. You just work like hell and hope for the best. Sounds scary, doesn’t it? That’s because it IS my friends, it is. You roll the dice and risk it all to run down and chase the dream. Your dream. There’s never going to be a right time. The time is now. “Sometimes there is no next time, no second chance, no time out. Sometimes it is now or never.”

Up in the shop currently we have several 925 pieces that will be showcased over the next few weeks. We are already planning our next additions and I see some really gorgeous stones in our near future. Here are a few of our items! Each piece is and will always be hand made and crafted with care… and badassery.

Sterling Silver Octopus Ring
Sterling Silver Buffalo Nickel Coin Ring
1 toz Sterling Silver Skull Ring
Sterling Silver Scroll & Skull Ring

If you want to know more about the creating process let us know!

With Love,

Ashley @ PBD


What is it REALLY like to quit your day job and start your own business…?


What is it really like to quit your day job and start your own business? I’ll tell you…

Scary as hell. But worth it.

For years we had dreamed and fantasized about my husband leaving his job as an 18 year veteran Bench Jeweler to start his own business. He was amazing at what he did at the bench. And at home in what little free time he did have between the balancing act of a job, fatherhood and being a husband – he became a self-taught custom hand engraving artist, also. At first it was just a conversation in passing without much merit until the years passed and the stresses mounted. His life of being the “Great and Powerful Oz” behind the curtain began to take its toll. I could see his once clean pressed work shirt slowly evolve into a noose he wore around his neck day after day. A work horse, if you will, of building the dream of another instead of building his own. With intense pressures, work loads, mountains of stress and high company expectations a top producing jeweler faces inside of a major corporation – we knew our time was now or never to make the leap into freedom. Our freedom.

With two kids, himself and me to support – – we had some serious soul-searching to do. Could we even do this? Would we be able to earn an income? How would we financially back our business with only ourselves to lean on? Would our kids be okay? Would we fail? Would we succeed? How the hell do we do this? What would we tell our families!? – Did we even care and did that even matter anymore…

Our decision came after we realized all of those questions and concerns played second fiddle to the life we were currently living. We wanted a NEW beginning, a brighter future, adventure, travel, life by the sea and happiness. For that to happen we had to be brave enough to take our lives back into our own hands – so we did. We met with our CPA for guidance and probably a little “You can do this!” pat on the back before we jumped. The following day my husband quit his job – pulled out our retirement – and we hit the road running into the light chasing a better tomorrow. The rest is history. Sort of… We have a long ways to go!

Believe me, these decisions didn’t come without fear or apprehension. But we as a husband and wife – mother and father – knew that for our family this was our path and the direction we wanted to pour ourselves into. “He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.” – Muhammad Ali

There have been MANY bumps in our road so far. From illnesses, to insurance. From finances to vehicle break downs. From purchasing equipment to all the unsexy detail work of running a business with love –  we have experienced what seems like a lifetime of getting unexpected kinks worked out in just a few short months. I’m pretty sure this comes with the territory of entrepreneurialism and more will happen over time. But as for now we are heading into calmer waters and sailing off into our official launch this month! Exciting, amiright’?!


With love,




Is this thing on? *Tap Tap

Hand engraved Skull Art Hobo Nickel by Donny Jenkins @ Preston Belle Designs



Hello there, I’m Donny Jenkins; Metalsmith, jewelry designer, custom engraving artist, husband, dad and owner of Preston Belle Designs.  This is my very first blog. Is this thing on? *Tap Tap. I was a bench jeweler & gold smith for 17 years working in the corporate box until November 17th, 2017. I made the decision with the support of my wife to leave the 9-7 grind to build my own business and life by design. I knew as an artist this was the direction I wanted to go in so I could creatively expand and produce one of a kind handcrafted pieces. Collectively as a family we knew we wanted to travel, live a fuller life together, construct our own vision and no longer be tied down to building someone else’s dreams – but rather put in the work to build our own.

My studio is home based where I create through castings, hand engraving, metal art, and jewelry making. I’m looking forward to sharing with you about my engravings, my jewelry pieces, castings and about our life in this new adventure and where it takes us!  Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my blog!