Makin’ some noise.

Preston Belle
“Pursue some path, no matter how narrow or crooked, in which you can walk in love and reverence.” – Henry David Thoreau

Hey friends – Its me Ashley, wife and partner here at Preston Belle. We have been diligently busy makin’ some noise & tying up some lose ends before D-Day. In the last blog post you may have read what it’s really been like for us to quit the 9-5 grind and start our own bizzzz. From the ups and downs to unexpected bumps in the road – let me be the first one to tell you – that shit does NOT go away.  (Insert laugh here. Its okay, I am too. ) Its seems to be apart of the territory so I wanted to give you a quick update to let you know we are movin’- and- a – groovin’ forward! Slower than anticipated, but full steam ahead. Our first pieces are done and ready to go UP this weekend on our website, Instagram and more. Buffalo nickel coin rings, one of a kind skull rings made from original carved wax, nautical octopus rings and scroll work bands are up on the menu to start. All hand made, all Sterling Silver and all original works of art by Donny Jenkins.

The pieces that will come out of our shop will be unique and all will vary in style. But one thing that will always remain the same is the care, time, effort and love put into each item. If you arent already make sure to come say “hi” on the Gram’ at @PrestonBelleDesigns! Catch you soon!

With Love,

Ashley @PBD


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